Charlene's Beauty Business Package
I was contracted to do a Beauty Business Package for a client going by the name of Charlene who is based Walsall. The process I had to take to ensure I got this project was send a proposal for the design and some samples of my work then the contractor would decide if I was suitable for the role. As you can see from the image below I was picked to do the work and I undertook the task like I would undertake every design task by putting 100% into what I was doing and trying to produce something new and different.

The client wanted me to design a new Logo, Business Card, Leaflet and Beauty Voucher for her new Beauty Business called “Charlene’s Beauty”. The client knew exactly what she wanted and knew what colour scheme she wanted also.So from this information the client gave me I went away and put together this new business package for her using the ideas that she gave me and the colour scheme. As you can see from the designs shown this is the final designthat we came up with and I feel it looks very good and stands out from the crowd, and to me something very, very different to what I have seen out there for other beauty companies.

The client was overwhelmed with the final product and couldn’t stop saying thank you. It was also a real pleasure for me to do something like this and would love to do it again. The software I used to create this package was Adobe Photoshop.

View Images Here: Charlene's Beauty Business Designs
Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs