Comic Book Posters
I was contracted to create a poster for a client going by the name of Dean Rowley who is based in Stourbridge. The process I had to take to ensure I got this project was to send a proposal for the design and some samples of my work then the contractor would decide if I was suitable for the role. As you can see from the designs I was picked to do the work and I undertook the task like I would undertake every design task byputting 100% into it.

When I got talking to the client they told me that they wanted a poster created for their new home and gave me a few ideas of what they wanted. This poster itself was based around movie characters and Superhero’s. They chose two Superhero characters, one being Superman, the other being Batman and then chose a Star Wars character, which was Darth Vader. So from this information I went away and drew these characters from scratch and designed them in a way in which they would look like they were from a comic book.

As you can see from the designs these are the final ideas I came up with and myself and the client were more than happy with the outcome. The posters looked even better when I put them into frames and they really stood out.

The client was really happy with the final design and has given me a really nice reference to tell people what he thought of the poster, which will be available in my paper-based portfolio and on my website. The software I used to create these posters was Adobe Photoshop.

View Images Here: Comic Book Poster Designs
Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs