Creative Monkey Design Shop
Creative Monkey is a website I have created for myself to start selling my own business cards, flyers, letterheads, invitations and websites. The site has been made to sell the things I create to try and get myself out there as a designer and produce the things I can do for people who want any print work for their business. The pages on the website are a Home page which welcomes the visitors to the site, a About page which gives the visitor a brief description of how the site works, a shop page which holds all the items that are there to be sold, and finally a Contact page which gives the visitor the information it needs to contact me. All the design you see on this site is my own as I like to make things from scratch and I like to show people what I am capable of doing when it comes to designing.

The design and layout used for the site was created once I had done a bit of research into what is out there at the moment for a graphic design shop website. Once I had done that I started putting some ideas into Adobe Photoshop to see which ideas looked best and what ideas went with what. The colours I used for this site were, white for the background, turquoise for the main buttons and headers, and finally I used black for the main text. I am very happy with the outcome of the site and would love to do something like it again.

The skills and software used to create this website and all of its logos were, Adobe Photoshop and this was used to create the design of the website. The development of this website was created by sing the CMS program Wordpress. If you would like to view the screen shots for this site then please feel free to click the link under this text and a light box window will appear showing my designs.

View Images Here: Creative Monkey Shop Website Images
Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs