Guitar Basics
Guitar Basics was a year-based module where I had to think of a subject I was interested in and make a game from it. So I decided to create a guitar game that would teach 13 to 16 year olds how to play the classical guitar. Within this game there are a lot of interactive and engaging things going on so the user will not be bored of the game after one go at it. To ensue that I had a game that was not only engaging to my age range but was also engaging to both male and female users I had to make sure I was on the right track and had to undergo a lot of research within the age range of 13-16 year old boys and girls and find out what they were into. I had to make sure I was correctly following my guides I set myself so I went away and looked at the five surface planes and created my Scamps, Functionality Specification, and Flowchart.

In the program I finally created I had an Interactive Chord Book, which teaches the users the chords of a Classical Guitar, I had Guess the Chord where the user has to guess what chord is being played by clicking on one of the small fretboards, there is a Guitar Maker where the user is able to create their own guitar and once it had been created they were able to print out their finished article, and the final part of the program was where the user would have to Create their own Character to go on stage to represent themselves, and then once on the stage they had to play along to the song on screen using the keys on the keyboard, but if they didn’t want to do that they can pull out their own guitar and play along to the song that way.

Overall I was very pleased with this project and I received an A14 grade for it. The skills and software I used to create this program are as follows, I used Macromedia Director to make the game using a scripting language called Lingo, I used Adobe Soundbooth for creating the sounds, as for the design I used the software Adobe Photoshop, and finally to make a few musical elements I used the program Garage Band which is a program on the Apple Mac computers. If you would like to view the contents of this game then please feel free to click on the links below this text and they will take you to where you want to go.

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