Guitar Blog
Guitar Blog is a project that I have created for myself and other people and will be an ongoing thing to work on for the foreseeable future. The website is also something that is going to be an updated version of the Guitar Basics program I created at University but this time around I have increased the age range and added fresh and exciting more links.

I have created this website so it can help to teach people how to play the acoustic guitar by using videos form the video section of this website, and a blog section so people know what new tasks are going to be coming up, so for example I could make a post informing people that they will be learning a certain chord on the guitar. The website is made up of four main pages, one being a home page which will welcome its visitors, the other an about me page which talks a little about me and what I do, there’s going to be a video page which will hold all videos that are recorded, and finally a blog page where I will do the blogging.

To get to this stage of making the site I did a bit of research into the subject area and also looked at different websites to see what was out there already, and I came across a few that gave me some ideas in what I was going to do for my website. After I had come to the conclusion of what design idea I was going to work on I put my ideas into Adobe Photoshop and came up with the design that is shown on the images below.

I am very pleased with the outcome of this design and I am happy that I undertook this challenge upon myself. If you would like to view the screen shots for this site then please feel free to click the link under this text and a light box window will appear showing my designs. However in the near future this site will become live so you will be able to see the website working in WordPress.

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