Highfields Photography
I was subcontracted by Phoenix Web Solutions to provide design and layout of a photography website for the Highfields Photography company. The design brief I was provided by the director of Phoenix Web Solutions was for a simple to use female friendly website loosely based on a photo album concept; I was asked as part of this project to provide input on what the colour scheme and site layout should be, so I went away and got on with the task in hand.

We had several meetings to create Scamps, Functionality Specification, and Flowcharts, that I could take away with me and adapt into Adobe Photoshop proofs for feedback and approval. A final design was created within the 2-week window specified and provided to the director of Highfields Photography for him to commission and confirm terms of reference. Mr Greg Faulkner, the director of Highfields Photography was very happy with the final design and keen to make the site live on the web.

The logos and the other design aspects used on this website have been created from scratch using Adobe Photoshop and are exclusive to Highfields Photography in order to create a distinct recognisable brand identity. The final design and website has been welcomed by both clients and business users alike, is very eye catching and compliments the company persona as per original specifications. User feedback suggests the new website is a huge improvement to the previous site and has had increased hits and contact form enquiries to Highfields Photography.

The skills and software used to create this website and all of its design content was, Adobe Photoshop this was used to create the design of the website, and WordPress was used to build the site. If you would like to view the screen shots for this site then please feel free to click the link under this text and a light box window will appear showing my designs, or you can click on the link above that link to view the actual website and see the final product in its live stage.

View Images Here: Highfields Photography Website Images
Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Phoenix Web Solutions