Adobe Illustrator Graphics
When I have some free time I like to try out new things and new software and recently I have just started using Adobe Illustrator. At first I did think I was going to find it quite tricky but it has proved me wrong and I have created some nice graphics within this software. So far I have created an Apple Macbook, a Shop Front, an Apple Ipad, a Keyboard, a Monkey, a Film Clapper board, an Apple IPod, and a Pen Drive. These items took me a few days to do but I believe they were worth the effort in the end because they look good and I have learned new skills and new software from them.

Again I think its a good idea to try out new things and practice the skills you have because it allows you to stretch yourself and make things you didn’t think you could make. These Elements are also useful for me incase I need to use them for any future project that I do. I first started Adobe Illustrator in 2010 when I thought it would be a good design package to try and everyone that I have met in the design industry have always asked me if I have ever used it before and if I haven’t I should. So I went away and starting reading up about the software and its tools and then looked up Illustrator tutorials online which helped me a lot with the process of learning the software. I am happy I did go and off and learn about Adobe Illustrator because I have been able to add a new skill to my CV as well as design some nice graphics. However keep your eyes on this section of the website because I am going to be creating more Illustrator graphics soon for myself and clients who want some logos creating.

If you would like to see what I have created from the challenge I took upon myself then please feel free to click the links at the bottom of this text and it will take you to where you want to go. I am also currently looking into other design packages in my spare time so I can learn those as well just so I can stretch my skills a bit further and be able to do more things not just for myself but for clients as well.

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