Katie's Birthday Invitation
I was contracted to do a Birthday Invitation for a client going by the name of Sharron who is based Stourbridge. The process I had to take to ensure I got this project was send a proposal for the design and some samples of my work then the contractor would decide if I was suitable for the role. As you can see from the image below I was picked to do the work and I undertook the task like I would undertake every design task byputting 100% into what I was doing and trying to produce something new and different.

The client wanted me to design and print a 13th Birthday Invitation for her daughter and her daughters friend for their upcoming birthday party. I told the client that I would need to know what kind of invitation that the girls would want, from the style of the invitation to the colour scheme. So the client went away and asked her daughter what she would like and then got back to me with a design of how they would like it to look and the colour scheme the girls wanted me to use. The design the girls wanted me to do was a three section design which contained all the information for the party, so for example in the first section there was the name of the first girl “Jenn” with stars above and under her name, in the middle section there had to be the information about the party and finally the third section would have the second girls name “Katie” again with stars above and underneath her name. The two side sections used the colour pink and the text used the colour gold to make it stand out.

The girls were really, really happy with the final design of the invitation and so were the two Mum’s of the girls. It was a real pleasure to do something like this and would love to do it again. The software I used to createthis Invitation was Adobe Photoshop.

The client was really happy with the final design and has given me a really nice reference to tell people what he thought of the flyer, which will be available in my paper-based portfolio and on my website. The software I used to create the flyer was Adobe Photoshop.

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Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs