Mahsa Music
I was contacted by a client who wanted a website created to showcase them and their music work so they could get recognised more and be able to do more music gigs. They wanted an up to date website with their favourite colour green shown somewhere on the site. The website that I was asked to create would be five pages long and would show a home page, an about me page, a music page, and a contact me page. From the small brief that I received I put together a Terms of Reference so the client knew exactly what we had agreed and if anything needed changing then there would be an additional cost.

After I had gone away I conducted some research into music websites and came across a lot of websites that had near enough all the same look and feel about them and I wanted to make something different for the client which would be more personal to them than something that someone else has created. The final design idea I came up with was a black background colour, with the use of green used for the navigation, copyright statement, main text headers, and contact form boxes. However I felt the website needed something like a statement so I decided to add a pattern feature that I had created down the left hand side of the website.

When the client and myself met up again I showed this final design to her and she was more than impressed with what she was seeing. She told me it was exactly what she wanted and couldn’t fault anything I had done, she also said it looked different, clean, bright, and trendy. From this feedback I was more than happy with her comments and it was a pleasure to work along side her.

The skills and software used to create this website were, Adobe Photoshop and this was used to create the design of the website, Adobe Dreamweaver was used to put the website together, and CSS, HTML, and PHP were the codes I used to make sure the website worked correctly. If you would like to view this website that I created then please feel free to click on the link below, however if you would just like to see the images then click on the link below that and a light box window will appear showing my designs. The feedback form for this website is in my paper based portfolio and will be available on request.

View Images Here: Client Music Website Images
Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs