Mahsa Music Poster
Mahsa’s Music Poster was a print piece I made to go with the website Mahsa’s Music that I created in (2010). The design and colour scheme that I used for the poster was again the same colour scheme and design as the website. I did this because it keeps everything flowing and would look better than using something that isn’t really the same and it also lets people know that what the poster is for and who it is for.

I used the same layout on this poster that I used on the actual website because I feel it looked good and again flows with each other. At the top of the page I added the title Mahsa’s Music, and then below that title I added the screen shots of the website so people can see visually what the website looks like without going online to see the design of the site, and finally I placed a footer at the bottom of the page with the copyright statement inside just to make it look like the website itself.

I have showed this print work because it allows people to see what else I am capable of doing instead of people thinking I am only capable of doing web design. I believe I did a good job on this poster and I was very pleased with the outcome and pleased that I have been able to try out new things and learn new skills. The client of this piece of work was also more than happy with the outcome of the poster as she wanted to keep everything the same as it was on the website but to make it into a poster form piece of work. The feedback form from this piece of work is in my paper-based portfolio, and will be available on request. However I have now added a section to this website called testimonials which is placed within the portfolio sections of this website and you will need to click on the link to get to what has been said about me from each client that I have done work for over the past 2 and a half years.

The software I used to create this poster was Adobe Photoshop. If you would like to view this poster please feel free to click on the link below that says view image and a larger copy of my design will appear inside of a light box.

View Images Here: Client Music Poster Image
Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs