Music Mania
Music Mania is another fictional website I created to show people more of my website design work and what I can do. The site was made just to show off my design skills at this point rather than just showing my development skills however I am still very comfortable using WordPress and HTML/CSS. All the design you see on this site is my own as I like to make things from scratch as I like to show people what I am capable of doing and when its your own I believe you are more proud of what you have achieved and it stretches your skills further.

The site was made just because I wanted to try something different and because I am a huge music fan not only listening to it but also playing it so I thought it would be a good idea to do something in that area. I am very happy with the outcome of the site and I believe I have done a good job and again tried to stretch my skills as far as they will go.

The skills and software used for this site were, Adobe Photoshop which I used to design the look of the website. If I was to at some point make this website I would develop it in either the CMS system WordPress or I would hand code them using HTML/CSS. If you would like to view the screen shots for this site then please feel free to click the link under this text and a light box window will appear showing my designs.

View Images Here: Music Mania Website Images
Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs