Nic's Designs Logo One
Nics Designs logo Three was a logo that I created for my business website back in 2012. I had already created a logo previous to this one but I wanted a change and to update my website and all of its contents so I thought I would update the logo aswell. Again I went for a logo that was going to be different from anything else that I had seen already and to try and make my business stand out and for it to look more professional.

After conducting a bit of research into what was out there at the moment for designer business logos I went away and started designing the logo that I wanted. When I had created all of the designs that I thought looked good I decided on the one that you see from the link below is the final idea that I was going to go with.

From the image you can see from the links below I went for a logo which showed the name of my company, an illustration of me which was placed inside a circular holder.

Overall I was very pleased with what I had created and it was something that I have never done before and was unique to me and my company. Since that logo was created I have changed the colour scheme of the logo for my website just to show that they are different sites and used for different things. I also had to change the colour scheme of the logo because the colour that I was currently using wouldn’t of blended in with my new website design.

The software I used to create this logo was Adobe Photoshop. If you would like to view this logo then please feel free to click on the link below that says view image and a larger copy of the design will appear inside of a light box window.

View Images Here: Nics Designs Logo Image
Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs