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The business cards and flyers I made for my new website were created to not only show people what other skills I have apart from web design but they are also there to promote my self as a designer and to try and get a step further to my goal of becoming a better designer. I have done business cards and flyers before not just for myself but also for clients so I had an idea of how they should look and how they should be presented and I think I have done the job well.

The colour scheme and design used for these business cards and flyers were the same design and layout that have been used for the website that they were created for. I did this as I wanted to keep everything the same instead of having something different and I believe it flows very well. I am very pleased with the outcome of these designs as well as the website that I created, and I feel this webfolio was one of my best webfolio to date at the time as I like to make every new website I create is better than the last.

The design of these items have been made to look like my website so it flows with everything I have. I created both of these in Adobe Photoshop and I feel that they have come out looking good and I am very pleased with them both. If you would like to view these designs then please feel free to click on the link below that says view images and a light box will open. I wouldn’t mind doing something like this again if I was asked in the future as I really enjoyed doing it as it not only adds to my website and portfolio it widens my skills and what I am able to do.

View Images Here: Nic’s Designs Print Images
Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs