Phoenix Web Solutions Web Development
I was subcontracted by Phoenix Web Solutions to provide design and layout of 3 mini websites for the Phoenix Web Solutions Company. The design brief I was provided with by the director of Phoenix Web Solutions was for a simple to use website for each subject matter that I was given. The websites I was asked to produce were a Graphic Design one for the Graphic Design section of the website, a Web Design one for the Web Design section of the website, and finally a Web Development one for the Web Development section of the website.

All of the design aspects on the 3 website have been created from scratch using Adobe Photoshop and were made to show the brands identity. The final designs I believe look very eye catching and compliments the companies main website by using the same colour scheme and distinctive features. The director of Phoenix Web Solutions was very happy with the outcome of the designs, which was user friendly and eye catching. I have also provided further web and graphic designs for this company over the last 2 years which you can see on my website and paper-based portfolio.

The skills and software used to create these 3 websites were Adobe Photoshop and WordPress (CMS). The Adobe Photoshop was the software I used to create all of the design work for the websites, and the director of Phoenix Web Solutions used WordPress to build the websites.

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