Somerville Models
I was subcontracted by Phoenix Web Solutions to design a website for the model kit company Somerville Models based in Stafford. The company wanted a redesign of their old website just to bring it up to date. When I received the content for the website all I had to work with was a logo so I had to think about what kinds of design features and text would go with this logo.

From the meeting I had with Phoenix Web Solutions I felt I had to go away and conducted some research into model kit company websites that were out there at the moment and the website facilities available to online customers. From that research and customer feedback I took my self into Adobe Photoshop and started creating some Computerised Scamps to try and get the up to date, trendy, professional, clean, user friendly website that they wanted.

The final design idea I came up with was a grey background with a raised white main content section, I used a red header which flowed with the logo that I received, I also added a black footer at the bottom of the page which would hold the social media links, and finally I used black text to make it stand out on the white background. Overall I was very satisfied with the outcome of this website, as were both the director of Somerville Models and of Phoenix Web Solutions; since the website became live Somerville Models have had an massive increase in people buying direct from their website.

The skills and software used to create this website were, Adobe Photoshop this was used to create the design of the website, and WordPress was used to put the website together. If you would like to view this website that I created then please feel free to click on the link below and the website that I created will open in a new window. If you would just like to see the designs for this site then click on the other link below the website link and a light box will appear showing my designs.

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Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Phoenix Web Solutions