Template Cloud Designs
In March of 2013 I came across a company called Template Cloud and this company is a design marketplace for graphic designers to sell their designs and earn commissions. So me as a designer found out more about the company and uploaded my CV to their website to see if I was able to create some designs for them to be uploaded and sold to the general public.

When I heard back from the company they told me that they had taken a look over my CV and thought that I definitely had the skills required to supply design templates for their clients to use around the world. So from hearing this I set up my account on their website and got straight to work on designing Flyers, Business Cards, Invitations, Leaflets, Letter Heads, Compliment Slips, Post Cards, and Logos.

Before I could start creating my designs I had to dive in and do some research into what companies would want to buy my products, so for example there are a lot of restaurant businesses out there so a lot of people would either want new print work designing or they maybe starting up and need to get their name out there and use my products to do that. Another idea I had was self employed people those who are builders, painters and decorators, or plumbers, again they might have just started up on their own due to loosing their job and need business cards so people know who they are. Once I had enough research to work on I then got to grips with the task in hand and started creating for those who I believe would want my products from the Template Cloud website.

From the top 10 designs that have been uploaded all of them have been approved and are available for people to now purchase if they like what I have created and want to use them for their business or personal use. Also all my print work has been sent to countries like Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, France, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and finally the UK for people to purchase. Overall I am very pleased with the outcome of the designs that I have created and from this I have been able to learn how to use Adobe InDesign which has given me a new skill to add under my belt.

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