Tennis Blog
Tennis Blog was created as part of my project management module. We were asked to work within a group and each person would take on a specific task to do with the project, so for example there were 4 people in my group and I was the one who designed for the website. The other three people in the group had the other jobs of coding for the website, adding the audio/video elements to the website, and the final person would create any flash/animation pieces for the website.

As part of this project we had to create Gantt Charts, which would show the start and end dates of each tasks for the project so everyone in the group knew where they were and when parts of the project had to be finished by. As well as producing the Gantt Charts, we also had to keep copies of Emails that were sent to each other about the project, we also had to have several meetings and had to produce Minutes for the meeting to we all knew what had been discussed in that meeting, and finally we also had to produce and Agenda, which would list all the elements that needed to be shown at the meeting. I decided as part of the project to ditch the obvious main colour scheme of green and opted for black with a hint of yellow to set off the site. I also added a faded image to the background of a tennis racket and a ball just to set off the design of the Tennis Blog.

I am very pleased with the outcome of the site not only the design but the way it worked. The skills and software I used on this project and not just for my project the others I worked on were, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, and Adobe Flash. For this project I received a B13 grade, which to me paid off for all the hard work that me myself put into this project.

The skills and software I have used for this website are, Adobe Photoshop for the designing and CMS (WordPress) for putting the site together and making it live on the web. If you would like to view the screen shots for this site then please feel free to click the link under this text and a light box window will appear showing my designs.

View Images Here: Tennis Blog Website Images
Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs