Tennis Coach
Tennis Coach was an Interactive artefact created in Macromedia Director for one of my second year projects. I had to think of a program that would teach someone to do something, so for example teach someone how to cook, or as I did teach someone how to create a perfect serve in tennis. For this module I had to undertake a lot of research not only into the subject matter but into things around the age range I was using. The User Experience Elements I had to use in this project were producing a number of Scamps, a Functionality Specification, and a Flowchart; and these would guide me through the process of creating the program.

The way in which my artefact worked was I recorded footage of someone talking about how to create a perfect serve and then getting someone to demonstrate the serve from different angles. So basically I shot four different angles of the serve and then the user is able to once they play the artefact see the serve from the front, the two sides, and the back. The program also had play buttons, pause buttons, and the user is able to rewind the artefact back to a certain position. There was also sound on this artefact so the user could also make the volume louder or quieter or if they didn’t want to listen to the person speaking or the other sounds they could mute the program.

The skills and software I used to make this program work were, lingo using Macromedia Director to put the game together so for example I had to use lingo code to make buttons click-able and videos work. To create the designs I used Adobe Photoshop this was to ensure everything that went into this program looked and felt like a tennis program, and I created the music from a program called Garage Band on the Apple Mac computers. If you would like to view the contents of this game then please click on the links below.

View Video Here: Tennis Coach Video
View Images Here: Tennis Coach Images
Designed/Developed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs