Tennis Blog Poster
Tennis Blog Poster was a print piece I made to go with my Tennis blog website I created a few years ago. The design and colour scheme that I used for the poster was again the same colour scheme and design as the website. I did this because it keeps everything flowing and would look better than using something that wouldn’t look the same.

I used the tennis racket and ball background as the feature, then in the middle of the page I added the title of the website, and then above that title I added the screen shots of the website so people can see visually what the website looks like without going online to see the website itself, and finally I placed a footer at the bottom of the page with the copyright statement inside just to make it look like the website itself.

I have showed this print work because it allows people to see what else I am capable of doing instead of people thinking I am only capable of doing web design. I believe I did a good job on this poster and I was very pleased with the outcome and pleased that I have been able to try out new things and learn new skills. The software I used to create this poster was Adobe Photoshop. If you would like to view this poster please click on the link below that says view image, and a larger copy of my design will appear. I wouldn’t mind doing something like this again if I was asked in the future as I really enjoyed doing it as it not only adds to my website and paper based portfolio it widens my skills and what I am able to do.

View Images Here: Tennis Blog Poster Image
Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs