Travel Blog 2013
A client who I once did a website for back in 2010 contacted me and they asked me if it was possible to create a new online blog for them whilst they are travelling the world. They wanted this website made so they could make regular blog posts of where they are and what they are doing. I was more than happy to create this website as I am now a regular user of WordPress and I was looking forward to designing for this website as well.

Whilst talking with the client they were unsure on what they really wanted from a design point of view and asked if I could go away and put some designs together and then come back and see which one they liked. I was more than happy to do this and take on the task in hand. My first task was to ensure I was on the right path and to conduct some research into the subject matter and find out what is already out there for Travel Blog websites, and once I had done that I then started creating Scamps for the website to try and create something that the client wants. As part of the design process I had to also create a Flowchart, and a Functionality Specification so I knew where I was going with this website.

When the client and me met up again she knew which design she wanted and then I could start building up the website with the new tools that I had. The colour scheme and layout I finally went with was a wood feel desk background, with a book placed on the desk as well as other things you have on your desk like a mug of coffee and a phone. The accent colours I used were green, cream, and black as I felt this really set off the look of the website.

I had to produce a Terms of Reference for this project so the client knew that what I was doing was final and nothing could be changed to the website once I started. Overall though the design and development of this site ran smoothly with no problems and the client was more than happy with the final product. The client said that the website looked very professional and would defiantly use me again for any future projects that they may have.

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