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This was another one of my new and improved portfolio websites that was new for 2011. I decided to create a new website because I felt it was time for a change and to make some improvements on the website I already had. I chose to go back to the black background with an accent colour of blue and silver because I felt those colours really stood out on the black background and to me the design itself looked very eye catching when it was all put together. The website was there to showcase my work I have created over the years and will help the public find out more about me and what I do. However this website has now been changed to showcase my new site as I felt it needed updating and instead of updating I decided to create a new one.

The portfolio websites that are created to showcase my work as well as giving an overview about me, and what I do. Again there was two versions of this website one was done by using HTML and CSS and the more recent one was done using WordPress. I think having a new design each year allows me to add new ideas and web trends to the website I have and to be able to show people I am keeping up with those trends. It also shows people I am still dedicated to my design work and still open for business and to take on more freelance work.

The skills and software I have used for this website are, Adobe Photoshop for the designing and CMS (WordPress) for putting the site together and making it live on the web. If you would like to view the screen shots for this website that I created then please feel free to click on the image link below and the website designs that I created will open in a new window. I always enjoy making new websites for myself and I really enjoyed doing this one as it not only adds to my website portfolio and my paperbased portfolio it widens my skills and what I am able to do not just for myself but for other people also.

View Images Here: Webfolio Four Images
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