Nic Andrews Webfolio
This is a personal webfolio website that I have created in Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop. The website had to be a kind of a CV website which would explain everything about me and show the work I had created out of University and the work that was created in University. So I chose to write a welcome page which welcomed you to the site, an about page which talked about me as a person, and what my interests are etc, a portfolio page which would showcase my work, and a contact page which would allow anyone to contact me about my work or any general queries. This was the first website I created in my first year of University and it taught me how to do CSS, and was also my first website that became live on the web. The colour scheme I chose was black, purple and blue and for my first website I wanted to try something different that wasn’t like anyone else’s that I had seen.

I have a great passion for Web Design so every website I have created throughout my time at University has been great for me because its allowed me to do something I enjoy and with me now left University I have been able to get websites from clients and carry on with my passion and keep up with all the latest website standards.

I have set up this website by using several software skills and coding skills these include, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. If you would like to see the screen shots for this website then please feel free to click on the image link below this text and it will open a light box window for you.

View Images Here: Webfolio One Images
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