Nic Andrews Webfolio
This was my third portfolio website I created in the years since I left University and I thought at the time this was one of the best ones I had done so far. As you can see I have gone for different feel of website design this time around as I wanted to try and put something together that would make a statement and I feel I have done this and done it as best as I can. The design I chose to create was more of an older feel with a wood background and use of older paper where the content of the website would go. When creating the other content of the website like the Polaroid pictures I also had to make sure that they had an old feel about them as well just to make sure everything flowed. Overall I think I did a good job on this site even though there is always room for improvement.

The portfolio websites that are created are created to showcase my work as well as giving an overview about me and what I do. There were two versions of this website one was done by using HTML and CSS and the recent one was done using WordPress.

I have set up this website by using several software skills and coding skills these include, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript and the more recent one was created using CMS (WordPress). If you would like to see the screen shots or this website then please feel free to click on the image link below and a light box will appear for you to scroll through and see what I created.

View Images Here: Webfolio Three Images
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