Wedding Invitations
I was contracted to create a Wedding Invitation for a client going by the name of Carol who is based in Dudley. The process I had to take to ensure I got this project was to send a proposal for the design and some samples of my work then the contractor would decide if I was suitable for the role. As you can see from the designs I was picked to do the work and I undertook the task like I would undertake every design task by putting 100% into what I was doing and trying to produce something new and different for the client I am designing for.

When I got talking to the client they already had ideas of what they wanted the Wedding Invitation to look like. This helped me talk through how I could turn these ideas into her perfect Invitation and give the client exactly what she wanted.

The final design I came up with was a graphic flower boarder used on the front of the invitation with the names of the couple inside the graphic, and stuck on diamantes underneath the names. Inside of the invitation had all the information regarding the wedding e.g. place of wedding, as well as graphics of a bride and groom and a heart all designed by me. I have to say I was really happy with the final design and I loved the challenge of doing something different and would love to do more wedding invitations for couples.

The client was really happy with the final design and has given me a really lovely reference to tell people what she thought. You will also find the design of this Wedding Invitation has been created by me as I like to make everything I design my own so its unique to me and the client. The software I used to create this Wedding Invitation was Adobe Photoshop.

View Images Here: Wedding Invitation Designs
Designed by Nicola Andrews at: Nic’s Designs