PHP/MySQL Restaurant
Wok this Way was a PHP/MySQL website I created in Adobe Dreamweaver; the website was an online restaurant which allowed its administrators to add food to the menu, delete food, update food and actually make a booking at the restaurant, there was also a section for the visitors of the website that allowed them to view the menus and get a general overview of the restaurant. The website was created using PHP with the help of Dreamweaver. What I was required to do was input information into a database and from that database we had to input the information into the website and then make a template of the design and add it to the site.

This was the first time I had used PHP to build a website and I was very apprehensive about it because I didn’t know what to expect, but even though at times I found it a challenge I also enjoyed making the site and learning something new. The design of the site was inspired by a lot of research and knowing someone who was Chinese helped also because they knew all about the Chinese culture and knew what would look good as in colours and layout.

The software and skills used within this site were, Adobe Photoshop to create the designs for the site, Adobe Dreamweaver to build the site and, PHP/MySQL, HTML and CSS where the coding languages I used. To view the screen shots click on the image link below this text and a light box window will appear with my website designs inside it.

View Images Here: PHP/MySQL Website Images
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