World War II Rationing
World War II Rationing Game was a client-based project to produce an E-learning artefact to teach secondary school children about a topic from History, English, or R.E. The subject I chose to do was History and the topic from that was World War II Rationing. When I was given this project I had to produce a Terms of Reference this was to show what the client required and once my idea had been decided there wasn’t anything that could be changed about the program whilst I was working on it unless it was a major aspect that needed changing. I also had to produce the User Experience Elements for this project and these were, Scamps, which were screen shot designs of the program, a Flowchart, which would show the user how the program flows, and finally a Functionality Specification which would give the user a guide of how the program works.

When it came to deciding on what I was going to do from World War II I came to the conclusion that I would make a rationing game where the user would buy items from a food shop but to be able to purchase the items the user had to get certain questions right about the item they had chosen. The items that I chose to put in the shop were the rationed items from World War II so for example Eggs and Bread. Overall I was very pleased with what I produced and I feel the program did its job well and would give the children from the secondary school a better insight into rationing from World War II. The grade I was awarded for this program was an A14 and again I was more than happy with what I received for this program.

The skills and software I used to make this program work were, lingo using Macromedia Director to put the game together so for example I had to use lingo code to make the drag and drop elements work. To create the designs I used Adobe Photoshop this was to ensure everything that went into this program looked and felt like something from the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, and I created the music from a program called Garage Band on the Apple Mac computers. If you would like to view this game then you can either click the link under this text that says view game, or you can click on the other link below that link to view the screen shots of what I created design wise.

View Video Here: World War II Rationing Video
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